Auburn Hills Dentist for Sleep Apnea

Dentists in Auburn Hills MIIs snoring preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep? Your snoring could actually be a caused by sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a chronic condition that interrupts your sleep pattern and decreases the quality of your sleep, leading to long and excessively tired days.

Sleep apnea causes shallow breathing or breathing pauses due to airway collapses or blockage during your sleep. These pauses in breath can happen hundreds of time per night and can go undetected and undiagnosed for long periods of time if you never see a doctor or ignore the symptoms. 

Auburn Hills Dentist for Sleep Apnea

When it comes to Auburn Hills dentists for sleep apnea, Dr. Joe Pelerin is No. 1. If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, Dr. Joe offers the best solution. His experience and advanced services make him the best option for a Auburn Hills sleep apnea dentist. To treat sleep apnea and other sleeping problems, Dr. Joe recommends The Moses®, which is an open-anterior and FDA-approved oral airway dilator. This dental sleep apnea treatment holds the breathing airways open to provide restful sleep and recharged energy.

Why The Moses® for Sleep Apnea Treatment?

The Moses® is an alternative to large sleep apnea machines that require masks and tubes. The Moses® is an open-anterior oral airway dilator that fits in your mouth and aides you in a good night sleep.

The Moses® works by holding the lower jaw forward and creating more space for proper breathing throughout the night. Creating more space in your mouth will also eliminate any snoring or disruptions you’re experiencing due to sleep apnea.

Benefits of Using The Moses® for Sleep Apnea:

  • Activates tongue reflexes leading to tongue advancement

  • Lifts  tongue to the hard palate to increase nasal airflow

  • Allows mouth to close

  • Corrects dysphagia

  • Custom, comfortable and adjustable

Make an appointment with the best Auburn Hills dentist for sleep apnea! Call (248) 373-0400  for more information on The Moses® and to schedule an appointment to fit yours today!