CPAP Machine


CPAP Machine

The CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine is a mode of respiratory ventilation used primarily in the treatment of sleep apnea. It uses mild air pressure to keep the airways open. Some CPAP machines have other features as well, such as heated humidifiers. CPAP machines are small, lightweight, and fairly quiet. The noise that they make is soft and rhythmic. The machine consists of three main parts:

  • A mask that fits over your nose and mouth. Straps keep the mask in place while you’re wearing it.
  • A tube that connects the mask to the machine’s motor.
  • A motor that blows air into the tube.

Try Something Better

While the CPAP machine might work, The Moses is the alternative treatment to your sleep apnea woes. The Moses is fitted by your dentist and works by moving your lower jaw and tongue forward to create more space for you to properly breathe during the night.

CPAP alternative

Advantages of The Moses Appliance

  • Activates tongue protruding reflexes resulting in tongue advancement
  • Elevates tongue to the hard palate and increases nasal air flow
  • Allows lip seal
  • Corrects dysphagia
  • Comfortable and adjustable

For more information about snoring and sleep apnea treatments or to order The Moses, call 248-373-0400 today.