Dentists in Oakland Township, Michigan

Are you looking for dentists in Oakland Township, Michigan dentist you can trust?

Welcome to Meadowbrook Dental.  At Meadowbrook Dental we offer exceptional dentistry, quality care, a friendly team of trained experts, pain free procedures, state of the art techniques in cosmetic dentistry, affordable prices, and Dr. Joseph Pelerin.  With 30 years of experience Dr. Pelerin has been a leading pioneer improving dental techniques and products all over the country.  He is a nationally renowned inventor providing top dentists throughout the United States, including Dr. Dorfman of TV’s Extreme Makeover, with dental products and techniques that make patients more comfortable and smiles more beautiful.  When you make an appointment at Meadowbrook dental you’re not finding just one of many dentists in Oakland Township, Michigan, but you’ll get informed advise from a highly skilled doctor other dentists consult nationwide.

So step into the future of dentistry at Meadowbrook dental and let us give you your best smile ever.  Read more about Meadowbrook Dental For more information on dentists in Oakland Township, Michigan.