It stops clenching and grinding that leads to
shoulder, neck and upper-back pain.

Jaw pain relief from GrindReliefN

These difficult, unpredictable times can cause you to feel tension and stress… and may lead to problems you’re not even aware of – the clenching and grinding of your teeth. When you grind at night, it can result in severe headaches in the morning, as well as shoulder, neck and back pain.

That’s why Dr. Pelerin invented GrindReliefN. Recently approved by the FDA, it features a unique Central Power Bar that releases the stimulus for clenching. Click on the video at right to see a short GrindReliefN demo. Also click below to hear what satisfied patients are saying – in their own passionate words – about Dr. Joe’s amazing GrindReliefN device. Then call for a custom fitting at Meadowbrook Dental today.