Gum Disease

Healthy gums lead to healthy teeth.
                  They contribute to a healthy heart and lungs, too.

Gum disease – not tooth decay – is the number one reason for loss of teeth in adults. And studies show that there is a direct link between gum disease and many forms of heart and lung problems. This is because infection in the mouth can spread throughout the body and lead to other problems.

That’s why Jan and Diana, our office hygienists, are so diligent about working with you to develop good dental habits. For example, they emphasize daily flossing to eliminate plaque and tartar, as well as proper brushing techniques that include stimulation of gum tissue.

Both Jan and Diana are so dedicated to their profession that Jan teaches dental hygiene at Oakland Community College, while Diana does health presentations at elementary schools.

With the expertise of our staff, periodic x-rays, regular charting of your gums, proper hygiene and diet counseling, the odds are that Meadowbrook Dental can help you to keep your teeth forever … and help decrease your risk of heart attack, stroke, lung disorders and more.