Michigan Dentist

Are you looking for an outstanding Michigan dentist?

Welcome to Meadowbrook Dental of Auburn Hills.  As a perspective patient we know trying to find the best Michigan dentist can often require a complicated search so we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about Meadowbrook dental and a very special dentist Dr. Joseph Pelerin.

Dr. Pelerin is a nationally renowned inventor with 30 years of experience in the practice of dentistry.  His dedication to the comfort of his patients as well as his patented procedures offering better aesthetic enhancement have contributed to the advancement of pain free dental techniques and beautiful smiles around the country.  Many top dentists, including Dr. Dorfman of TV’s Extreme Makeover, utilize Dr. Pelerin’s inventions to improve the quality and care of patients in their own practices.

At Meadowbrook dental you’ll find a highly compassionate and extremely well trained staff that knows how to eliminate pain and can deliver results that can put your best smile forward.  If you’re looking for a Michigan dentist who offer experience, comfort, and the most current procedures in dentistry contact Dr. Joseph Pelerin.  He doesn’t just keep up with technology he invents it!