What is the Cost of Dental Teeth Whitening?

by MeadowbrookPelerin on May 14, 2013

Teeth Whiting TipsTeeth whitening is becoming a very common treatment among people, yet it is still a fairly new procedure and there are many questions that come up. There are two routes of whitening you can choose; having a dentist whiten your teeth or over-the-counter, home-whitening kits. Both are different and have positives and negatives. However professional whitening is almost always recommended over DIY home-whitening kits, mainly because of the precision a dentist can offer.

Why Choose a Dentist for Teeth Whitening?

Having a dentist whiten your teeth is definitely the most reliable and safest way to choose. The main issue people have with this is the cost of professional whitening compared to kits one could buy in the store. Though the cost is more than the kits, dentists are much more precise and much safer. Here are a few advantages to professional teeth whitening:

  • Fastest results
  • Less pain/sensitivity after
  • Less risk of over bleaching teeth
  • Whiteness lasts longer

The main issue people have with professional whitening is the cost. Take home bleaching kits range from $100-$400 per kit, which do not have the lasting effects of professional whitening and will cost more over time.

Professional teeth whitening is not only more affordable, it is also more comfortable than other treatments, such heat whitening, which can leave teeth sensitive and in pain after. Dental teeth whitening may cost more upfront, but the whitening lasts much longer and will not need to be purchased as frequently.

Low Cost Dental Teeth Whitening in Michigan

Meadowbrook Dental offers many affordable options for teeth bleaching and other forms of professional whitening. Meadowbrook Dental even offers free dental teeth whitening for college students with a cleaning or routine exam! If you still have questions about the cost of dental teeth whitening, give us a call at 248-373-0400.


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