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Panoramic X-Ray in Auburn Hills

In addition to taking small, individual diagnostic images of specific teeth or sections of teeth as needed, we also take a single digital x-ray to obtain a two-dimensional view of the all the teeth, the upper and lower jawbones, the nasal sinuses and the temporomandibular joints (the TMJ). This extra-oral image is known as a Panoramic X-ray. Since this picture is taken from outside of the mouth, the only requirement is for the patient to hold still for a very short period of time and rest the jaw on a platform in the center of the Panoramic unit, while the x-ray tube rotates in a semicircle around the head. This simple, comfortable and fast diagnostic procedure produces digital images with minimal x-ray exposure to the patient. A Panoramic x-ray can be shared and viewed on the computer by the dentist, patients and others as needed. A highly valuable diagnostic tool, Panoramic x-rays are useful in checking for conditions such as periodontal disease, growths in the jaw, the dental development of the unerupted and erupted teeth, impacted teeth, TMJ disorders and sinusitis.

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