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Melissa C.

I have mild sleep apnea and am treated for it by using the Moses appliance, which Dr. Pelerin made for me. It’s a great alternative to the c-pap machine which I knew I would not use. I feel not as tired during the day now that I wear it. All staff there are great and the appliance was covered by my insurance.

Dr. Joe is a compassionate highly skilled, careful dentist and over the many years I've known him he has been totally trustworthy. I am comfortable in his care.

Recently one of my crowns came loose after office hours. The message on his answering machine said to call him at home in case of a emergency . He answered and helped me! Who else does that??!?No one except Dr. Joe!!

I give Dr. Joe and staff 5 stars!!


Janey Compton

"Our family has known Dr Pelerin over 20 years ... one of the most impressive things I have experienced is his dedication to servicing his patients, no matter what that commitment requires.

Dr Pelerin is exceptionally knowledgeable in all aspects of dentistry, but his intellect and intuition does not stop there. When asked any question, Dr Pelerin will state facts, then history, give personal experience and then give you suggestions on how you should proceed. He is the FULL PACKAGE!

I’m reminded of one very specific event that changed our lives...

It was December 11, 2017, my husband had been experiencing some pain that was not resolving – left side of mouth (thought to be possible TMJ), sternum pain, lower back pain, left arm tingling and shooting pain, etc. My husband insisted to be seen by Dr. Pelerin and trusted that Dr. Joe would help him. Without hesitation, Dr. Pelerin made time to see my husband (during his break), and Dr. Pelerin said this, "Dino, you are not experiencing TMJ, you are under a great deal of stress and your body is giving you signs that something is seriously wrong. These symptoms, that are not resolving, cause me great concern. I strongly suggest that you seek immediate medical attention from your PCP – I’m sure your Primary Care Physician will recommend that you see a specialist- and your physician should also take bloodwork to see what is going on. These are not normal symptoms, you should act on this immediately."

These words saved my husband’s life.

We went from our physician’s office, to oncologist/hematologist specialist, and directly to Beaumont Hospital where there was a diagnosis of AML – and aggressive form of Bone and Blood cancer. My husband was treated with chemotherapy, blood transfusions and extensive care for six months.

As of June of 2018, the doctors told us that my husband Dino was in remission!

Need I say anything more?"

“I didn’t feel comfortable with my smile before the treatment. But once Dr. Joe Pelerin placed the final veneers and showed me the results, I was amazed. Now I feel comfortable and confident with my smile. I also appreciate how comfortable he made me feel during and after treatment.”

“Doctor Pelerin handed me the mirror after placing my new crowns, and I almost started to cry. I felt as though I had gone back in time. This is the way my teeth looked when I was eighteen – even better. Now, they don’t just look beautiful, they look natural.””My Physician, who has known me for many years, saw me and remarked on how beautiful my teeth looked. She has seen many people with new crowns and veneers, but she felt my results were particularly outstanding.”

“As a pharmaceutical rep, I speak with many physicians on daily basis. So my appearance is very important. Dr. Joe Pelerin gave me the natural, confident smile that I always wanted. He also kept me comfortable; and the cost turned out to be less than what many of my friends paid for similar work. My family and I drive from Bloomfield to Auburn Hills to see Dr. Joe Pelerin for our dental care. I truly feel it’s worth it to make the trip!”

“My wife had seen Dr. Joe Pelerin and recommended I consult with him. I was amazed by the comfort during the whole procedure and was dazzled by the final results. I am so thankful for my million-dollar smile.”

“I was pleasantly surprised with the excellent final results I received – I never thought it would look this good.”

“My boss, Dr. Joe Pelerin, gave me the smile I had long been looking for. As a dental hygienist, the appearance of my teeth is very important.””I am very particular about delivering excellence in the work I do. And, of course, I could not work for someone whose professionalism and total patient treatment I did not respect, much less let him treat me, my family and friends. I have the highest respect for Dr. Joe Pelerin, the quality of his work and his professionalism.”

Michael F Milan, MD, PC
“It has been a pleasure to have my dental care provided by Dr. Joe Pelerin for the last three years. As a plastic surgeon I appreciate his meticulous approach and unwillingness to accept anything but perfection. Also, he has been very innovative in coming up with solutions to some of the problems I have had with crowns, as well as a unique device to solve my problem with clenching and grinding.””Dr. Joe Pelerin and his staff have been very pleasant and friendly. They have been punctual. I would recommend Dr. Joe Pelerin to anyone for their dental needs.”

Tsveti Markova, MD
“My family and I have been patients of Dr. Joe Pelerin for more than 10 years. We have enjoyed his accommodating and professional staff, as well as the friendly environment of his office. Dr. Joe Pelerin had consistently provided us with quality dental care. He has always been sensitive of our needs as patients; he keeps us informed by explaining his findings. During a procedure, he frequently inquires about pain control and strives to provide complete comfort. We have been very fortunate to find quality and comfortable dental care at Meadowbrook Dental. I highly recommended the services of Dr. Joe Pelerin to my colleagues, friends and neighbors.”

Dr. Andrew Tomasko
“As a retired dentist, I appreciate the care and professionalism that Dr. Joe Pelerin provides. He uses the most progressive and advanced techniques and procedures. And he certainly keeps abreast of changes in the field of dentistry.”

Diana Hobert-Powell RDH
“Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how pleased I was with my visit to your office. Being a dental hygienist for a gum specialist in the tri-county area, I observed the dental work you provided to your patients to be excellent. So I decided to give your office a try. Your staff turned out to be very personable; the atmosphere was calm and relaxing; and the office was nicely decorated, clean and contemporary. I found your injections to be wonderfully painless (a definite plus in my book), and the whole procedure to be very comfortable. I will recommend you highly to anyone in need of a good family dentist.”

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